Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Organic Cotton

Did you know that traditionally grown cotton accounts for 25% of the pesticides used worldwide? That is a large amount of pesticides used for growing just one crop. Many of the cotton fabrics are then treated again with formaldehyde and dyed with toxic dyes before sewing them into finished products.

The chemicals and pesticides that are being used are affecting our environment in many ways. These chemicals are ending up in our soil, our water and our air. They are affecting the health of the farmers, their families and the surrounding communities.

Organic cotton is grown and sewn without the use of chemicals or pesticides which means a healthier alternative for you and your family. Choosing organic cotton over conventionally grown cotton products will help create a healthier environment for us all.
Organic farming is increasing. Please help support these farmers by purchasing organic products such as organic cotton clothing, bedding and other organically grown products.

For more information on organic cotton you can checkout

To find organic cotton clothing and other organic products visit The National Green Pages or The Organic Pages Online.

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