Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Making Your Own Organic Baby Food

It's quite simple and a lot less expensive to make your own baby food. The most important benefit of course is that it's much healthier for your baby.

When my children were small I very seldom bought jars of baby food unless we were planning to be away from home. Whatever we ate our babies usually ate. I would steam the vegetables and then mash them up in my food processor or blender. I would mash fresh bananas right before feeding them and I would also make fresh applesauce. As they got older I would take a little piece of the meat, potato and veggie that we were having and mash it all together until smooth and they loved it. There weren't as many organic choices then as there are today.

To make your own baby food start with fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Use a steamer to cook the vegetables until soft and a blender or food processor to puree them to the consistency desired. You can freeze the baby food in special containers sold just for that or use ice cube trays and small freezer baggies to store. For the times when you can't make your own baby food there are several organic baby food choices you can purchase. Here are links to some of them: Earth's Best Baby Food, Plum Organics , Sweet Pea Baby Food.

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