Friday, November 02, 2007

Choosing Safer Toys for your Children

In the past several months there have been many recalls on toys made in China due to their lead content. Lead can be very toxic to children even at low levels. Since young children spend many hours playing with their toys it is very important that parents find safer alternatives for their children.
With the holidays fast approaching I would like to share a few places where you can find safe natural wooden toys , organic stuffed toys, and toys made in America for your little ones.
Toys from Times Pas
t , Vermont Wooden Toys , Nature's Crib , Down to Earth Toys,
Roy Toy , Hugg-A-Planet
For more info see:Toxic Chemicals in Kids Toys

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  1. Thank you Janet. I appreciate your support....and love your blog. Thanks for helping us all learn a bit more about healthy living!

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